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Creative Lighting System

Lighting plays a crucial role in photography and while natural light is a great source of illumination, it may not always get you the results that you want. Nikon’s Creative Lighting System (CLS) allows you to wirelessly connect one or multiple external Nikon Speedlights with any compatible Nikon camera. Using multiple flash units can help illuminate your scenes for a more creative or dramatic effect.

There are various CLS settings that you can experiment with. If you are new to wireless lighting, here are some popular settings to help get you started;

  • Auto FP High Speed Sync*1 is a setting used for fill-flash photography under brightly lit conditions. With Auto FP High Speed Sync, you will be able to use faster shutter speeds higher than your camera’s normal flash sync speed. Therefore you will be able to shoot with wider apertures and achieve a shallow depth of field. This allows you to use apertures such as f/2.8 with shutter speeds such as 1/500 seconds with external flash setups.
  • By releasing a series of pre-flashes, Modeling Flash allows you to check for any unwanted shadows cast on your subject before taking your shot. A great feature to use when shooting portraits.
  • Advanced Wireless Lighting allows you to control multiple remote Speedlights from your camera. These Speedlights can be assigned to one or more groups, giving you the flexibility to light your subject and scene in a multitude of creative and interesting ways.

With offerings such as Intelligent-Through the Lens (i-TTL) Flash Control, Flash Value (FV) Lock, Autofocus (AF)-Assist Illuminator, Flash Colour Information Communication and Advanced Wireless Lighting, the creative lighting possibilities are endless. Whether you’re shooting in a studio or outdoors, Nikon’s CLS offers you more control over the light in your scene.

*1 Auto FP High Speed Sync is only available in selected Nikon cameras.


Radiance on the Go

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Advanced Wireless Lighting

Advanced wireless lighting is the use of multiple Speedlights set up for wireless remote operation. The technology of Nikon's Creative Lighting system makes multiple flash photography as easy and intuitive as flash photography with one Speedlight.


Speedlight SB-5000

Expand your creative lighting possibilities with the Speedlight SB-5000. Featuring the world’s first cooling system*1, the SB-5000 is capable of reducing the downtime between each take, delivering up to 120 consecutive flashes at 5-second intervals.

*1 Among clip-on type compact flash units, as of 5 January 2016.

Speedlight SB-500

The Speedlight SB-500 is a high-performance LED flash that offers brilliant illumination and even lighting to reproduce colour as you see it. Compact and lightweight, the Speedlight SB-500 is your indispensable companion to capture that flash of inspiration, no matter where you are.


Redefine the possibilities of high-megapixel video and still photography with the full-frame performance of the Nikon D810. The exceptional FX-format image sensor ensures Full HD 1080/60p video with remarkably reduced moiré and noise. With an incomparable image resolution of 36.3-megapixels, D810 will meet your exacting standards like never before. An ISO sensitivity range of 64 to 12800 ensures that your shots retain high resolution and rich tonality in any lighting condition. Achieve stunning results that are true to every detail with the unparalleled power of the D810.