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Social Sharing made easier with SnapBridge

SnapBridge is a mobile platform that allows users to conveniently transfer pictures taken on their Nikon camera to a smart device on-the-go. Supported by Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, SnapBridge transforms the way you create and share visual content into a connected, mobile experience.

Pairing your Nikon camera with a smart device only needs to be done once, eliminating the hassle of manually connecting both each time you want to transfer images. Furthermore, you can choose between the options of instantly transferring images from your Nikon camera to your smart device as they are taken, or uploading your favourites later for sharing on social media platforms.

SnapBridge examined – what can it do for you?

1. A simple setting adjustment in the SnapBridge menu allows up to two types of information to be embedded in your images for easy referencing, such as EXIF shooting data, comments, copyright information, or the SnapBridge logo.

2. For the avid traveller, SnapBridge automatically synchronises your camera’s date and time settings with your smart device so that you don’t have to worry about manually changing it the next time you cross time zones.

3. A live view display1 enabled by SnapBridge allows you to compose shots on your smart device screen before remotely firing the shutter. Depending on camera model, you can also use your smart device to operate the camera’s touch AF and zoom functions.
1 Function is not compatible with cameras without built-in Wi-Fi connectivity

4. Using the Bluetooth® Low Energy technology to maintain a low-power connection between your Nikon camera and smart device, your photos can be automatically transferred even when your camera is in sleep mode. Images synced while you shoot are efficiently resized to 1920x1080 pixels, making them ideal for sharing over smartphones and social media.

5. SnapBridge connects your smart device directly to NIKON IMAGE SPACE which offers unlimited online storage for thumbnail images2. Simply set your smart device to automatically receive photos from your Nikon camera and upload them to NIKON IMAGE SPACE. In addition, registering to NIKON IMAGE SPACE with a compatible Nikon camera serial number entitles you to 20GB of free storage space, great for storing content in its full file size.
2 1920 x 1080 equivalent and when automatic upload to NIKON IMAGE SPACE is enabled in SnapBridge

6. SnapBridge detects updates when they are available for your camera and pushes automatic notifications to your smart device.

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